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The Grand Finale!

Well, a little behind schedule and just in time for the cold weather, I am finished my walking goal!  This was an interesting and rewarding experience….a pain in the butt at times and bordering on joyous at others.  Was it worth it?? All those turned down plans, blisters and early mornings?  You tell me.

Donations Tally: $2,505.00, a Laptop and one ongoing child sponsorship

8 of the goal 10 Solar Light systems have been donated! ($1,880)

$225 cash has been donated to Integral Heart Foundation.

$400 cash has been donated to Julio’s family.

A LAPTOP has been donated for Julio’s family, giving him a way to better provide for his family for years. (priceless!)

1 of the goal 15 children has gotten a sponsor.

You bet it was worth it!!

I am extremely grateful to everyone who has shown support for this cause. You made all my work worthwhile, and together we are making a huge difference in the lives of real people. I am heading back to Guatemala in early 2012 and very much look forward to spending time teaching Julio how to use the new laptop as well as spending time with Mick, Debora and Liz at Integral Heart and seeing the effects of their work. And last but not least, meeting Marlene, my sponsored child and getting to know her. Very exciting!

Remember, Integral Heart is a registered charity and is still accepting sponsors for children who want to go to school, solar lights for families with none and cash donations. Contact them here anytime.

Thank you again, and happy trails!

Tanya Hughes


October Already!

Wow, its hard to believe its already October!  I do love the change of season….fall can be beautiful. I have been so busy, with walking and work and life…time has flown by.  I was hoping to be done my walk by this weekend but fell sick last week and missed a few days, and have not been able to keep up the pace of 3 hours a day of walking. But I am working on it!

In the meantime, I am happy to say my latest article has been published in the Revue Magazine. Check it out here. The article is about Integral Heart and I am happy to be spreading the word in print!

Other then that I started reading a really intersting book, called Chi Walking. It has been compaired to Pilates and Yoga (both of which are favorite work outs of mine) and I am very intersted to try this new technique. I will report back on it!

Another donation has come in for Julio’s family, thanks to Suke for $50! I’d like to point out something as well – please remember all donations really do help. It doesn’t have to be much, $5 or 10 helps. It does…so if you want to give but dont have much, please dont hesitate, and I guarantee someone will be more than happy to be able to eat for a day because of the $5 you thought wouldn’t matter!

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