October Already!

Wow, its hard to believe its already October!  I do love the change of season….fall can be beautiful. I have been so busy, with walking and work and life…time has flown by.  I was hoping to be done my walk by this weekend but fell sick last week and missed a few days, and have not been able to keep up the pace of 3 hours a day of walking. But I am working on it!

In the meantime, I am happy to say my latest article has been published in the Revue Magazine. Check it out here. The article is about Integral Heart and I am happy to be spreading the word in print!

Other then that I started reading a really intersting book, called Chi Walking. It has been compaired to Pilates and Yoga (both of which are favorite work outs of mine) and I am very intersted to try this new technique. I will report back on it!

Another donation has come in for Julio’s family, thanks to Suke for $50! I’d like to point out something as well – please remember all donations really do help. It doesn’t have to be much, $5 or 10 helps. It does…so if you want to give but dont have much, please dont hesitate, and I guarantee someone will be more than happy to be able to eat for a day because of the $5 you thought wouldn’t matter!



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