The Goals

Donation Form

I want to help bring attention and sponsors to Integral Heart Foundation for;

  • 10 Solar Panel Lighting Units, ($235 each) 
  • ongoing sponsorship for 15 children ($35 – $55 per month per child)
  • as well as cash donations.

1 – I am raising awareness and funds for the Integral Heart Foundation, a registered charity. They accept straight donations, child sponsorship and donations for providing solar light panels for families with no electricity, allowing them to have a light in their home. They are a smaller scale charity and are doing amazing work alongside the God’s Child Project. They are focused on ending the poverty cycle through education, putting children in school and giving them a safe place to learn. They help children of all ages, teaching social responsibility, stress coping mechanisms, self-confidence and language skills to name a few. They have about 70 children who are waiting for sponsors featured on their website, and donors can chose their child if they wish. They offer a unique opportunity as well, sponsors can Skype regularly with the child and build a relationship. They are also always welcome to visit anytime.

I want to get Julio;

  • laptop (new or used)
  • pay for a year of internet connection, as well as a small cash amount to put towards his children’s education costs.  ($500)

2 – I am raising money for a Spanish teacher and his family. Julio was my teacher for three months, and I got to know him as a trustworthy and hardworking family man. He has taught Spanish for over 20 years, and has 7 children. Often he would ask me to pay him in advance so he could buy food, or keep his children in school. He pays for every single one of his children to attend school. I showed him Skype, and how he could make a better and more sustainable income by continuing to teach his international students once they have left and returned home. I know this would have been a value to me in my efforts to study once I returned to Canada. This way he can retain clients, and charge a higher rate for Skyping than he makes currently ($4 per hour for one-on-one schooling) and have continued income. Unfortunately, he has never used a computer and cannot come up with the extra money to sit in a touristy internet café and Skype.  Our help could “teach him to fish” and provide a sustainable income for his family for years to come.

Julio with two of his children. I am trying to get more photos but they do not own a camera.



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