My Action Plan

In order to help bring attention to this cause, I am committing to walk 500 Kilometers from August 15th to the end of September.

This will mean walking an average of 10 k a day, every single day, for 6 weeks. I work and lead a busy life so this is going to be quite a challenge, but I know it will be worth it. Between the walking, the organizing of my blog, promotions and getting sponsorship I am committing approximately 100 hour of my personal time to these very worthwhile causes.  You will also be able to read my article on the Integral Heart Foundation, which will be published in The Revue Magazine later this fall.

I will be returning to Guatemala January 3, 2012 in order to bring the laptop and funds to Julio in person, as well as liaise with Integral Heart Foundation and will be updating my blog with pictures and stories showing all show who donated the impact their kindness and generosity had. Check out my specific goals here.

Please consider joining me in making a difference in the lives of real people, right now. There are several donation options for you to chosoe from. Donation Form

With our combined efforts we can be part of the wave that makes this world a better place.

Thank You!



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1.5 Months, 500 Kilometers

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